CNC Milling

What is CNC Milling?

If you think of 3D Printing as additive manufacturing, CNC Milling is subtractive manufacturing.

You start off with a big block of material, usually foam or wood and then using a software program to produce tool paths, the material that isn't needed it carved away leaving the finished product.


What can I make?

What ever you can dream up! The FrogMill has a large 1.6m x 3.1m flat bed and a generous 40 cm Z axis (height). It also has a  1.2m diameter rotational axis. It can carve wood, dense foam such as PU and EPS, poly-carbonate, resin and and acrylic.

My 4 Axis CNC machine is perfect for making movie props,  enlarging sulptures, art work, creating plugs for architectural molds and my specialty, life sized human bodies. I can also create custom packaging for delicate objects that need transporting or for storage, as well as replicating museum objects for sight impaired people to handle and feel.

Combined with 3D Scanning, the possibilities are mind blowing.