Sew Sister - What is it?

Australian Ladies, get excited about sewing again.

What you are looking at is the Sew Sister, a custom dress maker's dummy, made by 3D scanning the person's body and then carving out their exact replica in dense foam.


No longer do you have to find someone to pin in your zip, take in excess amounts of fabric from the back or help with the hem on that dress. 

It comes with a heavy duty stand (optional) and a neck pin cushion to store your pins. You can even poke your pins all the way into the torso.

Stop wasting fabric and endless hours only to come up with a less than perfect item. Using your Sew Sister will give you the perfect fit and give you more time to sew more clothes!

Go to the 3D Scanning page to see where you can obtain your own 3D body scan (free of charge).

Ready to get your own Sew Sister? Head over to the store to put in your order. Expected turn around time is just 2 weeks!