Another Tools By Hollie invention, Sleep Tighties will be launching in November '19.

A nifty device to stop your kids from losing their blankets in the night,

to keep them swaddled tight or to help them falling out of bed.

No more cold kiddies waking you up at 2am.... and 4 am and .....

Get them to fall asleep faster being tucked in tight .


And not just for kids! They are also great for adults who's partners who steal the duvet from them at night. 


See the video below on how to easily attach your Sleep Tighties on your bed.

1. Place a strap at the foot of the bed under the mattress.

2. Place second strap under the mattress at the top of the bed (shoulder height).

3. One one side (wall side if there is one), attach the clip to the blankets or duvet's as show. Do this for top and bottom strap.

4. On the other side of the bed, again attach the clips to the blankets or duvet as shown previously. 

5. Pull the strap tight to achieve the tightness required.

How Tight?

1. Loose Fit.

Don't pull the straps too tight, just have a little give so the blankets aren't held down tightly. This will give the person room to wriggle without the blankets slipping off in the night.

Recommended: "2 Pack" with a strap at the top and the bottom.

2. Swaddle Fit

Do you or your kids like to be trucked up tight at night?

Put the blankets centred in the middle of the bed and have an even amount of blanket tucked in each side. 

Pull the straps tight  to give a swaddling effect.

Recommended: "3 pack". Add a third strap in the middle of the bed.

3. Anti Fall-Out

It's common for small kids to fall out of bed when they transition to a big bed. 

To help keep them safe at night, put one side of the bed against the wall, then tuck a large section of the duvet under the mattress on the free side of the bed.

Pull the straps tight to keep your kid secure.

Great for taking travelling too if you don't have a barrier.

Recommended: "2 Pack". Put one strap at the top of the blanket and the second strap mid way down.


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