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Hollie Bell

14 years ago I started my first business, BizzTools, building loan calculators for mortgage brokers and banks.

While running BizzTools I had time to invent and manufacture three sewing tools and a balcony safety device - Antigrabbity.

In 2017 I bought myself a large 4 axis CNC machine to make custom dress maker's dummies. Lots of fun but environmentally horrid so I sold that and now have bulit a 3D photogrammetry booth which can scan people in 1/200th of a second.


I also own an Artec Eva hand held 3D scanner for large items such as cars or engines. .




I offer a consulting service for anyone needing advice on their start-up or new business venture. . I can put you on the right track with advice on prototyping, manufacturing ,customer validation, patenting your product, investors vs boot strapping and customer validation.


Call to book an appointment. 0413 666 345.

Hollie Bell with giant Pickle Rick
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